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Fixing your credit can be time consuming and seem overwhelming, but with the right knowledge and team of experts on your side, you can cut your debt in 1/2 or even more.

Fixing Your Credit
Improve your credit score to lower your interest rate


Your credit is the single most important factor a lender looks at when deciding whether to approve you for a loan or lease. The rate and terms you are offered and the amount of a down payment, if any, is all linked to your credit score. Having bad credit can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars more in finance charges then someone would good credit.

We have researched and compiled a comprehensive collection of web based credit tools and services that will help you determine what your current credit picture looks like AND sources that will help you increase and improve your credit situation if it is not currently in good shape. We can help you with your credit, even if everyone else has told you NO or it is hopeless.

You do not need to have any assets or own a home to get the credit you need with the sources we have selected below. You can get up to a $25,000.00 loan simply by applying to Credit Axis or any of our other sources shown below.

Repair Your Credit, Build Your Survival Foundation

Why is it important to have good credit?

With today’s society becoming more and more business oriented, establishing and maintaining good credit is vital if you plan to do any of the following:

1. Apply for employment

2. Rent an apartment

3. Open a bank account

4. Setup an account with public service or the telephone company

It used to be that establishing good credit was important only if you planned to buy a home or car, but not anymore. The simplest task, such as applying for employment could very much mean that you need good credit. Many employers will not hire a candidate with a bad credit history.

Having bad credit could impede your ability to survive. This is sad to say, but it is a proven fact that people have been turned down top quality job positions just because of their credit rating despite the fact that particular job could be exactly what a person needs to fix their credit. That’s a scary catch twenty-two don’t you think? Avoid getting a poor credit history at all cost!

Ok, I’m caught in that scary catch twenty-two, what do I do?

Start by requesting a copy of your credit report in writing. You are entitled by Federal Law to receive a free annual credit report. There are three major credit-reporting agencies that you need to contact, you can run a search on the internet or find their information in a phone book.

If you have already received a credit report for that year, you may also use any letter of credit denial by sending in a copy of that letter within 60 days of its receipt with your written request. Be sure to include a copy of your state issued ID, proof of your address and your last known addresses for the past 5 years. It is very important to include a copy of your social security card.

What does is mean to have good credit? Who cares who sees it?

Unbelievably, your credit report is public information to anybody where you are asking for a line of credit. Any time you apply for employment, an apartment, or attempt to make a big purchase, you are asking for credit and permitting the potential creditor to view your credit report. Although your credit report does not reveal a personality diagnose, it may just as well, considering it is through your credit report how others (potential creditors) will perceive what kind of person you are.

Businesses look into your credit report and determine by your ability to pay and follow through on your promises what kind of person you are. Do you adhere to your promises? Are you stable, do you follow through on payments? If so, then you most likely are a good and reliable person. You may be worth giving a chance at that perfect job, or residing in that particular community.

What about good people with bad credit?

You may be a good person, you may even be the most considerate and compassionate person alive; however, if your credit report shows a late payment or no payment on an account at all, your entire being could be perceived as not reliable, unstable and untrustworthy. Creditors view bad credit as a testament to what type of person you are. Prepare yourself to deal with a lot of paper work and phone time once you are ready to repair your credit. Of course, if you are in a situation in which you can avoid getting a poor credit history, do so at all cost.

What does this mean? How can I protect my reputation?

What this means is that it is time for you to fix your credit. Your income may be null or limited, that’s ok, there is still a way to save your personal reputation and open more doors of opportunity. Once you receive your credit report(s), contact the creditors listed and make payment arrangements, even if it is just $1-$5 a month. Doing this shows your willingness to get back on track, it show that you are putting effort towards establishing stability and responsibility.

Whom can I turn to for help?

There are many resources available to assist with credit repair, make use of your library or the internet. Most credit repair agencies offer free or low cost services, take advantage of their offers and assistance. Building your credit is more than being able to make a big purchase, it also means you are establishing your personal reputation and setting your survival foundation.

For the best source of understanding credit, the inner workings of the credit agencies and the real secrets that can quickly boost your credit score to 700+ even if you have terrible credit right now, we suggest the credit experts at credit.com  They are standing by right now, just click below and let them show you how quickly they can turn your credit situation around.

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